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Being a graduate of the “Mad Men Days” in theÖzel_Ödül_jpg-2 advertising business, I have a deep appreciation for great copywriting. In musing over the state of the ad industry, I began to think that this talent has become a rare commodity.

With the dearth of great print ads or outdoor, where is one to find moving copy that speaks to the consumer and makes them sit up and take notice? The answer strangely enough is to be found on the Internet.

In the early days, the only measuring tool was consumer response measuring in the old adage: “It’s not creative unless it sells”.

When one looks back at the greatest ads ever written, like Volkswagen’s “Think Small Campaign” it becomes obvious that brilliant concepts created brilliant sales. The funny looking car became a huge success all because the advertising was able to capture both the essence of the brand and the imagination of the consumer.

These same qualities can be seen in great home or landing pages on today’s Internet.

Just like yesterday’s sales results, clicks can provide a valuable measurement standard for any web-landing page. If the copy is great, the customer stays and acts and even puts up his or her money or email address. It’s the same kind of instant feedback and reward that would have made all those guys on Mad Men stand up, have a smoke and a martini and gleefully give each other hardy pats on the back.

What a wonderful world.