My New Job Title: Doula

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the past few years I’ve found that a number of my new clients are baby boomer entrepreneurs launching a second, third or fourth career. Each comes to me with an idea. Some are in the conception stage and they want my input early on. Others are further along and have or about to launch their concept, usually on the Internet.

The playground that is the World Wide Web allows anyone with an idea to bring his or her notion to market at a reasonable price. Most of these idea jockeys have years of experience in business and bring some great enthusiasm and experience to bear.

Some have chosen to launch a new venture in an area they are familiar with of have had some kind of previous experience. Others have chosen to get involved with a business that has always been a personal passion.

Whenever I encounter another pioneer, I insist that the first step we take is Brand Birthing.

Just like delivering a child, a brand needs preparation and planning. As a “Doula” I am charged with taking both the guesswork and fear out of the birth process.

My preparation starts with the completion of a Brand Birthing Brief. It’s a simple one page document that forces the participants to agree on brand basics such as: brand personality, brand essence, selecting the target consumer, the brand voice…. all of which contribute to the development of a succinct brand strategy.

Over the last 2 years I can happily declare that I have become the godfather to a number of successful brand concepts in categories that include law, marketing and data mining. There’s even been a breakthrough retail concept.

My role as a Doula, has taught me that pre-planning and focus are the keys to successfully launching any new concept or venture. So my suggestion for those of you considering creating a new business is to find yourself a business midwife to help you through the process.brandbirthing


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