Landing A Creative Job Requires Some Creative Thinking

Posted: November 27, 2014 in Uncategorized


While I was consulting with an ad agency, the president asked me if I had any time to sit in on an interview he was having with a potential creative director. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and after the interview I began to do some thinking.

The potential creative director had a great book but he gave bad interview.

For the entire 30 minutes he did nothing but talk about himself. What he had done, the awards he had won, the campaigns he had created. What he did was miss a great opportunity to talk his way into a great new job by asking some questions.

So, here’s my helpful list of questions any creative should ask at a job interview.

  1. Why do you think I might be right for this job? Answering this question help you understand whether the company is interested in you because of they key skills you have and want to grow, or maybe for other skills you see as less important to focus on and grow.

2.What will I learn from this position? Asking this question also shows the interviewer that you’re interested in self-improvement and growing with the company.

  1. Who will I be working with? This is a great question to ask because it gently assumes you’ll be getting the position.
  1. How will my success be judged? This is a great way to demonstrate that you’re interested in succeeding (not just punching a time clock) but it also gives you key insights into the expectations of the position and the culture of the company.
  1. Is there a skill set that I might be missing? This is a bold, gutsy question. Not everyone is going to be confident enough to ask it, which is going to set you apart from the competition. To the interviewer, it shows that you’re a bold thinker and demonstrates that you’re willing to fill any gaps that might exist.

With these questions in your arsenal, your chances of landing that new gig increase exponentially…..go get ‘em.


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