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So, you wake up with a terrible toothache. Your head is pounding and feels like it weighs about a ton. You know that you need a dentist and you need one pronto.

What do you do?

You go on the Internet of course and look for a dentist to treat you for five bucks…

That’s the basic idea of Fiverr. It’s a wildly successful new website where creative people can offer their services for five bucks. Check it out and you’ll see there are copywriters who will write five hundred word articles for five bucks. The fact that their own posting has two spelling mistakes and enough grammatical errors to fill a textbook, heck it’s only five bucks.

Why spend good money on an ad agency to develop a strategic plan when there’s a faceless guy in India who will do it for five bucks?

Silly to get a jingle done by a great, experienced radio production company that has Clios lining their walls. No, go to Fiverr and for five bucks you can have a jingle done in China.

My point here is that you always get what you pay for. Whether that’s hamburgers or advertising advice, good quality costs money.