Gotta Give Wix a Wow

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

As a creative director, I had often been asked if I could create a website for a client. My answer was always “sure” but it is going to be expensive. After all, I had to hire a web designer and supervise their work, give them copy, page layouts and lots of direction. They in turn had to hire a web programmer who would usually hire a bunch of low paid slaves in some Eastern European country to actually do the programing. All of this would take weeks and eventually the client would get their website. The only problem was they would then have to hire a webmaster to make any changes or updates.

That’s all history, now that I am using Wix. Not only do I find Wix totally creatively based and simple. It’s incredibly intuitive and mind blowing in it’s ability to work with a less than nerdy creative person like me.

I’ve now created a half dozen websites which I have successfully turned over to my gleeful clients, who find administering their sites simple and fun. Wix is also incredibly affordable and I have found their customer service really great.

With all those accolades one might think that Wix is paying me the big bucks to promote their site. Not true, but should they want to shove a few bucks my way, I say go ahead.

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