Hollywood Hunk+Car+Southpark= $$$$$

Posted: November 14, 2014 in brainstorming, creative direction toronto, Uncategorized


Sometimes, ya know, ya have to go backwards to move forwards. You know I’ve been writing ads since before I got paid to write ads.

Sure it may sound silly, but the use of celebrities as paid endorsers has been a tried and true method of gaining market share since Moses pitched the burning bush idea. Today, as our gen “X” and “Y” consumers continue to throw their weight around celebrity endorsements have to be handled differently. Take the new Lincoln campaign. No real pitch copy here, just a bunch of random thoughts from a handsome Hollywood hunk. Shouldn’t work right? Well guess again, Lincoln sales have shot up 35% since Mat got behind their wheel. Even South Park took notice, putting Mat behind the wheel of a Zip Car in a hilarious spoof. What ever the reason, celebrity and market share have always been partners in an imperfect marriage.

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