Now We Only Have Two Types Of Ads

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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FNX9YZBGWTSNMHC.LARGEMaybe it’s me, but lately it seems advertising has been broken down into two distinct categories: Art Director Ads and Copywriter Ads.
My philosophy has always been that the best and most creative advertising is a result of the merging of the visual creativity and great storytelling. If you think about the greatest advertising concepts ever created these teamwork is evident. Think about David Ogilvy’s Volkswagen campaign. Brilliant type and art direction combined with clear cut genius thinking and a minimum of copy.
Compare that with today’s ads and it becomes evident that each ad is the result of either the art director directing everything or the copywriter telling a story with no regard to any visual component. The result is advertising that falls far short of greatness.

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