Start thinking about your copy as the best sex you ever had

Posted: November 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

As a writer, nothing makes me feel warm and fuzzy more than great copy. But how do you stimulate your creative thinking and get the right words on the page?
My suggestion is that you think about your copy as you would think about making love. Start with some foreplay, massage the words so as to entice the reader to want more. Slowly, carefully choose every word as you would if you were enticing a lover.
After the foreplay, start thinking about what your partner needs….the reader wants to be seduced so craft your copy so it becomes as satisfying as a warm kiss.
Next start to put yourself and your desires into the copy. What do you want your partner (the reader) to do, how do you want them to think? How can you convince them to become involved to the point they can not escape?
Now comes the finale, You’ve brought them to the point where they want to embrace the moment. Make them reach out and put their own soul into the mix.
This is copy that compels. These are words that create a reaction. Don’t be afraid to make passionate love to your reader and you will be rewarded with reactions that satisfy both you and your client.

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