Why is everyone so mad?

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

I always pick up the Fall edition of GQ magazine, just to see if I am even close to being in style. This year’s fall special felt heavy as I carried it home from the magazine store.

With some excitement, I did my quick flip through before sitting down to read a couple of the articles. It was then I noticed it. With over one hundred pages of advertising and editorial photos of fashionable men, only 3 pages featured a happy or smiling model. What’s that about? Good looking guys in expensive clothing all looking like they just jumped out of bad movie. There were skulking young men with facial hair, angry young men surrounded by beautiful women or men just mad, sad or downright threatening.

My answer is the art director.

Someone on the shoot is telling the models “look more menacing” or “look like you just hate everything”. This may be reflective of our attitude in the 2000’s. Look tough and you can be attractive, look friendly and you’ll be seen as weak.

It’s a sad commentary on our own idea of fashion and beauty. But don’t blame the clothing designers, the photographer or the models….It’s that damn art director who had a bad night (or perhaps a bad month). Come on, lighten up….this was supposed to be fun.


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