The Wieden Kennedy Guys Are Just Plain Smart. In every media.

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
There has been no question that the WK guys are a bunch of very smart cookies. Their offices echo creativity from the totem to the floors. To me, the only thing really surprising about their Old Spice campaign is that the industry seemed so surprised at the internet version of their thinking.
Once again they did the unimaginable for many agencies and went out on a limb. In my career, this seems to be the location of many great ideas. They took their Old Spice Guy viral in a WK kind of way. They got him tweeting and networking and best of all they got him a team of great creative writers. Not just headline guys..these fellows turned out to be the standup comics of internet highway. Their quick responses to selected targets engaged and entertained and that my friends, is one of the reasons people love their work.

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