How ad agencies can find new business right under their noses.

Posted: July 16, 2010 in advertising agencies, canadian advertising agencies, small ad agencies, toronto ad agencies, Uncategorized

Ad agencies can use a simple method to make sure that everyone in the enterprise understands how they can contribute to the agency’s growth. I know, you’ll think it is just too good to be true, but once I introduced my “everyone can do it” attitude at an agency in Houston I had the president send the following memo:

“It’s great to have everyone here at XXX agency a part of our new business effort. It starts with a simple question: do you know or have any friends or relatives who might need an ad agency? If you do, let’s have lunch on me and we can talk about it”

The first response he had was from the receptionist who over lunch told him she wasn’t sure but her uncle worked for the local CocaCola bottler.

He suggested she call her uncle and see if he was interested. Three days later, the agency had picked up over $100,000 in annual billings as the Houston Area CocaCola Bottlers agency of record.

One memo. Amazing how you can look at advertising agency growth from so many directions. What’s your perspective?

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