What message is your message sending?

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I move from city to city doing my new business seminars I always contact the agencies before I arrive and ask them to send my their new business materials. A sample of what they might send to a prospective clients. Over time, I have seen just about everything from running shoes with a tiny key drive attached (they were pitching a sporting goods chain) to dingy looking cerlox presentations that look like they have been through a fire their pages so brittle.

Point is, your new business materials are essential to pitching success. It sets the tone with the prospect. The speed in your response and delivery of these docs shows the client that you are responsive (one of the most highly rated categories in an agency search).

Don’t wait for the moment you need a new business presentation to start working on it. Having a standing presentation and be prepared to customize it for each prospective client. Best of all, have some fun with everyone in the agency and ask them to treat the agency as a client and come up with their own new business ideas.


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