Creative Department Auditing…it’s not about money

Posted: July 9, 2010 in advertising agencies, toronto ad agencies

I’ve just returned from another trip to visit with another ad agency in the US. The agency has been in business for almost thirty years. The owners are in the process of turning the business over to the next generation, one of whom is the creative director.

It was not an easy task ahead. As I have done with all of my audits I started with the staff. Spending some time getting to understand how they viewed their job, the company, the turnover.

Next I spoke to the owners. I wanted them to give me a job description for all of the 23 members of their creative department. I did the same with each employee. Not surprisingly, only 23% actually matched.

It’s really a simple exercise, not just for advertising agencies, but for every enterprise. To get the most out of people, you need to be in tune with them, share the same vision and the road ahead will be smooth.

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